Journey to Health…new milestone!

I am so excited to have reached a new milestone in my journey to health. I am down 50 lbs. Of course, I still believe the number on the scale isn’t all that should matter. But this is still a huge accomplishment for myself. I look back over the last several months and even back to when I first started my journey, when I was motivated but unsure if I could do it. I remembered the countless times I attempted eating healthier and getting active to only crash and fall back on old habits. I have tried so many fad diets, counting calories, depriving myself and lost motivation quickly. So what is different this time, I have wondered to myself? Why am I finally succeeding at my goals?

I still don’t think I fully know the answer. All I know is I am enjoying the foods I am eating and I am feeling great. I have really noticed a huge difference in how my body feels. I have tons of energy, my legs no longer ache after a bit of walking, I rarely get headaches anymore, I don’t get out of breath going up stairs and I am able to keep up with my kids. At this point, I feel like my whole lifestyle has changed. It is no longer a chore for me to look for and cook up healthy meals. I crave veggies and I enjoy trying new foods. I am still the first to admit that my eating habits aren’t perfect and I am sure they never will be. But I have found what works for myself and my family and that’s what I feel is most important.

Like I said back in my original post, Journey to Self Love, it doesn’t matter what the number on the scale is. That’s why I really, really am trying to teach myself not to dwell on that number or stress out over reaching a certain milestone. What has become most important is how I feel. I still have the stretch marks and baby pooch but they are a part of me that may be there forever. However, all the aches and pains I mentioned above that affected me months ago have become part of my past. I love that I can get up and run around to chase my kids. And these things alone are what keep me motivated.

I am still not quite where I want to be but I am getting closer and closer everyday. I am still working on completely loving myself and not concentrating on the scale. But I know I will get there one day. I have had ups and downs but they are part of the journey. I know I will continue to have bumps in the road. But it’s all worth it and I am loving every moment of it.



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I’m baaaaack

After a month or so hiatus from blogging, I will slowly be getting back into the swing of things!

We are settled in our new home and getting into a bit of a routine. I have to admit it has been a bit overwhelming moving to a bigger house (almost twice the size of our old home). It is more house we have been slowly furnishing, more house to clean and more house to keep up with. Not to mention that we went from no stairs to 3 separate flights of stairs so it has been fun getting the boys use to going up and down safely, which they have both mastered!

However, despite the overwhelming-ness, we are all incredibly happy here. We moved a bit further West than where we previously lived to an area we really were not familiar with at all. It is closer to Kyle’s job and surrounded by farms and fields of crops. This may not appeal to many, but we love it. Everyone we have met has been super friendly and we like the small town feel while still being close enough to any major shopping or attractions we may need.

We all just seem so much more relaxed and happy here. Our dog, who was born deaf, always seemed on edge or anxious at the old house. He would randomly run to the front door and bark for no apparent reason which got pretty annoying and disturbing. At the new house, he is so peaceful. He has not had any outbursts of random barking or storming the door. He still likes to be where ever we are in the house but I am sure it’s for security due to his impairment. Our cat, we rarely saw at the old house unless she wanted food. She spent her days sleeping or hiding. At the new house, she is much more social and spends time with us. I think she is enjoying the different levels of the house and all the windows that let in warm sun light that she can bask in. As for myself and the rest of the family, we just love it. The boys have a separate play room I set up, their bedroom is much bigger and they enjoy playing out on our deck. As a family, we have been trying to go for walks. We have walked to a couple parks and exploring our new neighborhood. It has been fun staying active together.

I will leave you with a few pictures but stay tuned for some new posts coming soon!

Our cat taking in the fresh air and view overlooking our deck.

Our cat taking in the fresh air and view overlooking our deck.

The boy's play room! I am so happy with how it turned out and love all the space they have.

The boy’s play room! I am so happy with how it turned out and love all the space they have.

Out on a family walk

Out on a family walk

some of the beautiful landscape we get to enjoy

some of the beautiful landscape we get to enjoy





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