All things raspberry!

A couple weeks ago, our family went to a farm local to us to pick strawberries. You can see all about that in this post. Well this week I saw on the farm’s Facebook page that they were going to have U-Pick Raspberries! I decided we would go on the first day they announced it as they don’t have as many raspberries as they did strawberries and I thought it would be a nice outing for just the boys and myself.

Look at how pretty these berries were!

Look at how pretty these berries were!

It was a beautiful day! Sunny and about 78 degrees when we got to the farm. We had a great choice of berries as we were the only ones there for the first 15 minutes then two other families showed up. They had bright, beautiful, big raspberries. I decided we would pick 2 quarts of fresh berries since the crop was plentiful. We easily filled our bucket. Or I guess I should say, *I* filled our bucket. The boys filled their bellies! 🙂


contemplating which one to eat first

contemplating which one to eat first

Of course when we got home I began thinking what we will do with all these berries. 2 quarts may not seem like a lot when you think of most fruits, but when it’s raspberries, that’s a lot of fruit! We will definitely eat them as is and freeze some for smoothies like we did with some of our strawberries.

Our berries!

Our berries!


I also found this recipe for Chocolate Raspberry Brownies. Very few ingredients that most people will have in their kitchens. Of course, they are vegan. What intrigued me was that it didn’t use oil or a binding agent like a flax egg. I used coconut sugar for it’s low glycemic index and raw cacao powder (instead of cocoa powder) for it’s benefits such as iron and magnesium among many.


These brownies turned out great. They are moist, chewy, just sweet enough and great for any chocolate cravings.


And of course I didn’t stop there. I came across this recipe that mixes two of my favorite baked goods, cheesecake and cookies!

Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake Cookies!!!

Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake Cookies!!!

These were delicious! Such a wonderful cheesecake flavor but in cookie form. They are vegan and gluten free but can easily be made non gluten free by subbing the GF flour for regular AP flour and leaving out the xantham gum.

And last but not least, I made healthy raspberry jam! The recipe was out of the Oh She Glows Cookbook, which you should totally buy if you love good food 😉 She does have the recipe on her blog as well, so I am able to share it with you. In her book, she uses fresh berries, which is what I used. I love that there is only 4 ingredients, no refined sugar and a wonderful secret ingredient that adds a boost of health benefits: chia seeds! These wonderful little seeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, iron, magnesium and calcium giving a healthy punch to this jam.


Raspberry Chia Seed Jam


I love this recipe because it is simple, it took me about 20 minutes from start to finish to make this jam. Also, it can be used for so many things: toast, muffins, pancake/ waffle topping, ice cream topping… the possibilities are endless.

Hope you will try and love some of these recipes! We definitely did. I have really been enjoying making new things from all the fresh, local produce we have been picking. This summer has really been one of the best.

Rad Raspberry Smoothie from 365 Vegan Smoothies

Rad Raspberry Smoothie from 365 Vegan Smoothies

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