PRT – Yummi Pouch


This weeks Product review Tuesday (PRT) is Yummi Pouch! If you are a parent to a baby or toddler, you have probably seen those baby foods that come in foil pouches. Yummi Pouches let you have the same luxury while controlling ingredients and making less waste. They are reusable food pouches that you can take on the go or use at home.


We have bought our fair share of store bought baby foods that come in pouches simply because they have organic options and they are GREAT for when we are on the go. I have seen many of these reusable pouches on the market and decided to give these a try from Amazon. They are 6 oz, so bigger than store bought and you can fill them with whatever you want. They come in white or these bright beautiful colored ones! The brand also offers many sizes: white mini (2.5 oz), white or brights (6 oz) or sport (10 oz). Another perk is they are freezer AND dishwasher safe! They are made out of phthalate and BPA free plastic…and best of all, they are cost effective and eco friendly!!

My boys enjoy stealing my smoothies and with a 3 year old and 1 year old trying to sip from my straw and the younger one trying to steal the straw, it can get messy. With these, I can make them healthy, delicious smoothies or homemade applesauce with no added nasty ingredients and put it in the pouches and they can go to town. For a variety, we can also fill it with dairy free yogurt since we have dietary restrictions. Plus, they think it is fun eating out of these colorful pouches.


I was curious to see how it would work with the spout being on the side as opposed to the top like store bought pouches, but if anything, it helps keep messes controlled. My younger son loves to be independent and feed himself. With store bought pouches, when they are first opened and still full, it is easy for him to give it the smallest squeeze and there would be a mess. With the spout on the side, I have noticed it doesn’t come pouring out so easily if he squeezes it. The other concern of mine is the end where it opens. It is like a Ziploc bag where you just press it closed. So far they have held up nicely and have not leaked or burst open, even after being frozen!

Filled, sealed and ready to go!

Filled, sealed and ready to go!

They could not wait to get their hands on it!

They could not wait to get their hands on it!

I LOVE that these pouches can be put in the freezer. Especially with summer time approaching, it is so nice knowing that I can freeze smoothies in them and when we get to our destination, they will be thawed and still cold. I have not had a chance to see how long they stay cold for outside of the freezer, but will be sure to post an update when I do.


They stack nicely in the freezer

So far so good! For the price, they are totally worth it! I paid $12 for the 4 pack and they will quickly pay for themselves considering one pouch store bought that you can’t reuse runs around $1.50+ each and these reusable ones are bigger. Check out their website for more information on their products here.


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2 thoughts on “PRT – Yummi Pouch

  1. Hi! If you open them up and use a utensil to pop open the bottom (or seal the zipper and blow through the spout) they open a lot at the base, and stand up, like a Capri-Sun! Have fun!

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