June 30 Day Challenge

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will remember I did a May Health and Wellness Challenge, this month. I set some goals for myself to follow and it was a great success. For the month of June, I decided I would try another challenge for myself. It is a big step for me and I have been thinking about it for a long time, like around a year. Over the last month, I have felt an even stronger calling and decided to give it a go…

I will be doing a 30 Day Vegan challenge.

We already eat a lot of vegan and “accidently” vegan foods due to the fact myself and my kids are dairy and egg free because of allergies. As I have been eating cleaner and more whole/ plant based foods, I am finding I have aversions to meat. I don’t eat much chicken but do eat red meat and pork on occasion. I am also just finding that my body is loving all the grains, fruits, vegetables and that I just feel great after eating a 100% plant based meal. I gave up soda at the beginning in May and found that my migraine headaches went away. I typically would get at least 1-2 a month and in May went without having any besides early on in the month during my cycle. I am curious to see if eating even cleaner will help in my overall wellness. I know there have been many documentaries on the subject like Forks Over Knives and Vegucated, which I recommend anyone checking out!

We don’t get to go to Whole Foods often because it is a bit of a drive from our house, but we went and stocked up on a few vegan treats we don’t always have since I will be doing this challenge.

Shayne enjoyed picking out some treats!

Shayne enjoyed picking out some treats!

I know going vegan is extreme for many people, but I do invite you to make one change in your diet whether it be giving up soda, drinking more water, doing “meatless Mondays” or eliminating processed foods. One small change can make a big change in the way you feel. I will be doing weekly updates like I did with my May challenge and I will share the recipes and foods I eat! I am really looking forward to this and sharing my journey this month with you.


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2 thoughts on “June 30 Day Challenge

  1. Great idea. I have already cut out processed foods for a few years now. I try to cook everything from scratch so it takes a bit longer but so worth it. Yesterday, we had some friends over and they requested i get some Sunny D for their kids to drink so i did. This morning Ivan asked me for apple juice (i always buy the organic all natural ones and water it down for him) and i thought, hmm, i wonder what this Sunny D is all about, i looked at the ingredients list and was so grossed out, it had like 50 ingredients in it starting with syrup, the apple juice has 3. I think you will find it not too hard since you already do a lot of vegan. I on the other hand, live with a bunch of carnivores so the 30 day vegan challenge may be a little too tough for me however, we do do a meatless day and i think now we will add a vegan day. You have inspired me, can’t wait to see some of the recipes.

    • That is great that you have made some changes and plan on trying a vegan day. That is how we started. I am at the point where I can taste when foods have icky ingredients! I grew up drinking Sunny D and once I started making a change in what we eat, I looked at the ingredients and it really is horrendous! Good Luck and thanks for commenting! 🙂

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